The Mindset

You are obviously reading this because you care a little… and we can start with that!

It is not easy giving up sugar. Not only are our bodies genetically programmed to seek out any source of sweetness we can lay our hands on, but mentally we require it too – everyone loves a ‘treat’. And in my books, that always translated as ‘sugar’. Now I am certainly not saying that you can’t have ‘treats’ it is simply a case of changing our perceptions and habits which I am addressing here.


This one is key. Without this you won’t make it through. Your reasons can be multifold including:






But the discussion for ‘why’ is not for here, you can find reasoning (both factual and physical) elsewhere on the blog. Anyhow, the ‘why’ is individual and personal, you may just want the challenge! But I cannot stress how much you need to chant your mantra to yourself daily, and especially when presented with a cupcake piled high with frosting. A great tip is to put post its around the house reminding yourself why you are quitting sugar. When I first started I put a poster on my fridge, reading ‘SUGAR=POISON’ which certinaily helped me, but may have startled guests… Whatever you do, just keep your reason on the forefront of your brain.


Research helped me to understand the facts and figures behind sugar’s nasty reputation. If you are all in the detail then by all means read all the scientific articles you can find, but to start with simply have some fun 0n google. Simply browsing the internet and seeing how many results there are listing the effects of fructose on the human body will spur you into action (I found it terrifying!). If you want to dig a little further then there are also some great books out there, just search amazon for “David Gilepsie” or “Sarah Wilson” to start with as they give fantastic advice.



If you look at your diet today you will realise that the majority of sugar comes from snacky treats. And often the sugar is hidden as the snack may seem ‘healthy’, a cereal bar for example is nearly always over the 10g mark (thats equivalent to a cupcake). Just by changing your treat habit you will cut back a lot of sugar, so perhaps think of the following:

– Turn savoury: Opt for popcorn, pretzels, guacomole and crackers, slices of deli meat, peanut butter on toast, cheese wrapped in ham.

– Do something for you: Get a manicure, have a latte whilst reading a magazine, take a bath, buy your favourite flowers, bake some bread.

But above all think about the reason you want a treat or a snack – are you just tired/bored/grumpy/irritable? Believe me, turning to a sugary snack if you are already feeling this way won’t help, 20 minutes after your sweet treat and the sugar-crash will only magnify that feeling.



Only you can do this. Giving up sugar is a massive change but its benefits are endless. If you keep telling yourself that what you are doing will make a great impact on your life, then that positivity will give you the drive to succeed. You will feel brighter, fresher, more beautiful, and generally wonderful if you do.




3 thoughts on “The Mindset

  1. Glad I found this blog. Just starting a month of going cold turkey with no sugar and after reading this feeling a bit more inspired and may even try to keep it up after the month is over!

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