Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

Beetroot and chocolate?! Together?! ‘It’s just wrong!!’ quote everyone I told about this recipe. But that comment was vanquished when they tried them! The beetroot brings a gooey, dense texture, and richness to the brownies making them very moreish. For this recipe I used the darkest chocolate I could find – I would advise above 85% if you can find it (below this and the sugar content is too high). You can also add walnuts to the mix to give extra crunch to these treats.



100g dark as possible chocolate (I used 92% cocoa)

100g butter

100g beetroot cooked

3 eggs

4 heaped tablespoons dextrose

100g ground almonds

100g cocoa powder

100g plain flour

1tbsp baking powder

1tbsp vanilla extract


  1. Preheat the oven to 180C and grease a baking tin with butter. Line with baking paper
  2. Cook the beetroot by removing stalks and boiling for 20 minutes. Then peel and leave to cool
  3. Break up the chocolate and put into a heatproof bowl along with the butter. Set over a pan of simmering water and stir whilst the mixture melts until combined
  4. Puree the beetroot in a food processor and then add the melted chocolate mixture and eggs and whizz again until combined
  5. Scrape down the sides, then add the dextrose, ground almonds, cocoa powder, baking powder and vanilla extract until a smooth batter is formed
  6. Bake in the oven for around 25-30 minutes or until the brownies have risen well
  7. EAT!

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

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  2. Tried this recipe and wasn’t sure whether to add the plain flour or not as it wasn’t in the method. I added it and the mixture was way too dry, so I had to add milk to get the right consistency. The taste was lovely though – will definitely try it again without the flour next time!

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