Super Green Juice

I don’t know about you but I have been super busy lately. A mixture of work, social responsibilities, birthdays, hen parties and family holidays has left me feeling (and looking!) a little lack lustre. Because of this my skin has broken out and I feel a tad ‘puffy’. So if anyone else feels the same, I have a remedy: my ‘Super Green Juice’.


This juice is not for the faint hearted (you need to love your veggies), however it does wonderful work. It is packed with essential vitamins which can be lost when vegetables are cooked, and as the juice is not heat-treated for storage all the goodness is kept in the mix. Also, you control the sugar content! Most juices/smoothies you purchase from sandwich bars or supermarkets consist primarily of fruit and therefore are packed full of sugar; green juices are much lower on the fructose scale.

Green juice is also a great way to get a good variety of vegetables into your diet – particularly if you are busy. When I know I have a non-stop day ahead of me, and no time to cook, I will whizz up a batch of green juice in the morning. I then have a glass alongside breakfast and take a bottle into work with me = simple and easy nutrition which packs me full of energy!

In this particular juice I have incorporated spinach and kale as they promote healthy skin through healthy blood flow. Also I have added lime for its anti- bloating purposes. But to be honest you can use whatever veg is in your fridge, and the below recipe is just a simple concoction. For example you can add carrots, broccoli, kale or even avocado… the latter is my favourite green juice addition, simply whizz up half an avocado in a food processor alongside the juice. Trust me it is delicious!

Obviously you need a juicer to produce juice and I know this isn’t your standard kitchen equipment. I also know you are thinking that they are expensive – I agree – however simply use your resources! I didn’t go down to Lakeland and spend £200 on a swish and shiny machine… divide that by 10 and you have Gumtree’s price! So if you want to feel energized and radiant, invest in a juicer 🙂

Ingredients (Serves 1)

1/2 cucumber

3 sticks celery

Large handful spinach

1/2 apple

Thumb-size piece of ginger

1/4 lime (take off rind)


  1. Thoroughly wash all veg and apple, and cut into pieces which fit your juicer
  2. Process all ingredients through the juicer in any order
  3. Try to drink the juice within 1-2 days (if not drinking immediately then store in an air tight flask filled as closely to the brim as possible)

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