(Very) Dark Chocolate Croissants

There is nothing better than a flaky pastry on a Sunday morning: waking up late, putting on the radio, brewing coffee and the aroma of croissants crisping up in the oven. That is my ideal routine… unless I forget to turn off the alarm clock!


Croissants are such a treat as they feel exotic. They are not your weekday breakfast choice, as you can’t just pop them in the toaster or heat them in the micro. Not only that, but they are versatile: you can have them savoury or sweet. One of my favourites is to make a batch of plain croissants, slice them open when they are still hot and stuff them with sharp cheddar and smoked ham. So Frenchy and chic! Now, as we are talking Sunday morning material, we are talking easyyyy. In light of this, my recipe will take you 5-10 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to bake. What’s the catch? We are going shop-bought in the pastry department… sometimes you just have to cheat! Anyway, Delia does it.

The other great aspect to these croissants? They are much lower fructose than an average pain au chocolate. To ensure this, you must find dark chocolate with the highest % of cocoa possible. I use Lindt 92% dark chocolate (available at quite a few supermarkets in the UK). As a guide, try not to go any lower than 80%, otherwise the sugar content is too high. Finally, pastry is your BFF when living a low fructose lifestlye, so eat away!


1 (370g) packet ready rolled puff pastry

100g chocolate (dark as possible!)

1 egg, beaten


  1. Preheat the oven to 220°C. Unroll the sheet of pastry and cut it into 6 squares
  2. Cut each square diagonally to give 2 triangles (they will look small). Put the triangle with the wider part facing you and the point away from you
  3. Break off small pieces of chocolate (approx 1cm) to place about 2-cm up from the wide end nearest you
  4. Roll from the chocolate loaded end towards the point of the triangle
  5. You will have a straight croissant, now seal it slightly with your fingertips and curl it into a crescent.
  6. Place the chocolate croissants on a baking tray and paint with the beaten egg. Bake for 15 minutes until golden and puffy
  7. Serve warm with strawberries and if you have crazy tastebuds (like me!) with sharp cheddar

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