PYO Blueberry Smoothie

There is nothing better than eating something during its prime. And what better way to ensure this than picking it yourself?


I am fortunate to originate from the bountiful county that is Dorset; half of which is designated an outstanding area of natural beauty and its traditional industry based in agriculture. As you can imagine this equates to rolling fields, wonderful local produce and well stocked farm shops = heaven. Another bonus is plenty of PYO opportunities, including my favourite fruit the blueberry. What a berry!


My choice of PYO is The Dorset Blueberry Company which is conveniently round the corner from my family home. I frequent this establishment annually due to the variety of blueberries available and the sheer quantity on offer (see below!).


Blueberries come in all shapes, sizes and flavours and when picked fresh taste a gazillion-trillion times better than from the supermarket. There were over 6 varieties of blueberries on offer and I chose to mix and match the three tartest varieties: Berkely, Collins and Ivanhoe (I swooned over the classic American names!). I must admit I was guilty of nibbling more than a few blueberries whilst partaking in the arduous task of picking… the hard work built a healthy appetite!


After picking 2 punnets worth of berries (plenty for a freezer stash) I was pretty thirsty… a perfect excuse for a nutritious and delicious blueberry smoothie! The great thing about blueberries is they are not only packed with antioxidants and classed a ‘superfood’ but they are one of the lowest fructose fruits available. I use them every morning in my porridge and stir them through greek yoghurt most evenings.


Within this smoothie I have also added some healthy fats to ensure you obtain as much goodness as possible in one simple drink which is perfect as part of your brekkie! Why not pair it up with some blueberry pancakes…?! I know I did.

Ingredients Serves 1

150g blueberries

1/2 avocado

200ml almond/coconut/cows milk

1 tbsp full fat greek yoghurt

1/2 small banana (optional)

handful spinach (optional)

handful walnuts, soaked for an hour if not using high powered blender (optional)


  1. Add ingredients to a blender and mix on high until well blended. If you only have a stick (hand held blender) put everything in a large jug and blend (ensuring to soak the walnuts first!)
  2. Use extra water or milk if you like a thinner consistency

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