Survival Series: Breakfast

The first meal of the day is the most important to set you off on the right foot. Your body has been empty for hours and it needs the right nourishment – which is why you should provide the nutrients it needs. That is never the sugar stuffed cereals which most tend to grab (including me for years!). It is essential to also have a breakfast which keeps you full and satisfied during your busy morning, not an initial sugar high and a slump soon after.


The problem is most of our traditional brekki options are packed with fructose: jam on toast, fruit yoghurt with granola, banana muffins, smoothies, even the healthiest looking of cereals (innocent bran flakes have 22g sugar per 100g…). And its even more difficult to find healthy breakfast on the run (step away from the cereal bar rammed with dried fruit and sugar syrup!). I want to provide some fructose-free delicious ideas and recipes to keep you satisfied whether it’s a grab-and-go before work or a full blown brunch. Now I will add a few recipes throughout the next few weeks (as I eat!), so keep checking back sugar-free friends.

Grab and go

  • Nut butter on toast: Either buy your nut butter (Meridian is a great brand for peanut/cashew/almond) or make your own! Recipe to follow
  • Full-fat greek yoghurt with berries (any mix), toasted coconut flakes and nuts
  • Porridge with cinnamon and blueberries. Add Stevia if you want a sweeter taste, however I use full-fat milk as this increases sweetness and creaminess (plus its full of the good stuff!) Click for recipe
  • Sugar free granola with milk or full fat natural yoghurt. Click for recipe
  • Scandi style Bircher muesli. Click for recipe
  • Advocado and cream cheese on toast (or switch the spread for Marmite!)
  • Smoothie: ensuring it is dairy or coconut based. Recipe to follow
  • Crumpets put under the grill with mature cheddar cheese

Weekend Brunch

  • Eggs, eggs, eggs! I am slightly obsessed: poached, scrambled, baked, with soldiers – go nuts. Recipes to follow
  • Omelette with smoked salmon/sharp cheddar/mushrooms (mix and match)
  • Crepes with homemade ‘nutella’ Click for recipe
  • Coconut pancakes Click for recipe
  • Feta, Courgette and Edamame Frittata Click for recipe
  • Soda bread freshly baked with butter Recipe to follow
  • Blueberry muffins Recipe to follow
  • Eggy bread (or ‘French toast’ for the yanks!) Recipe to follow
  • Hangover central: the quintessential fry up – fried bacon, eggs, mushrooms, bread, sausages, hash browns (no beans!). Not healthy, but sometimes you just NEED it.

On the Run

  • Full fat greek/plain yoghurt and any berries and nuts
  • Croissant with/without cheese and ham (no sneaking in danishes or pain or chocolates!)
  • Coconut water
  • Fresh bread roll – grab some cream cheese, bacon, nut butter, ham, smoked salmon, or whatever to fill
  • Full fat latte
  • Chedder cheese stick, nuts and small apple (eat together – honestly yummy)

Obviously this is just a basic list – don’t let me restrict you brekkie antics! Just remember a few key rules: if it is atificially colourful (think fruit loops), has a shiny glaze, is covered in syrup, has lots of dried fruit or is basically a cake (think muffin) then DROP IT!


2 thoughts on “Survival Series: Breakfast

  1. Have adopted the porridge to my morning breakfast and so far so good! Not only does it have all the health benefits but the cost is so much better than alternatives.

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