Survival Series: Snacks

There is more to the snack than the vending machine, and certainly more nutrition. When you hit that 3pm slump its very tempting to grab a pack of biscuits…especially when you convince yourself ‘its for the team’. Unfortunately those biscuits add up, and without realising you are consuming (grams) of empty sugar a week – and that’s just the afternoon session. Also that sugary habit becomes a routine: you end up craving the hit daily and its difficult to resist. snack So I am providing a snack overhaul. The following list of ideas are not only good for you and low fructose, but also delicious. Plus, although they may take a little effort, they are not your run-of-the-mill digestives. Finally, the less sugar you consume the less you rely upon it. By simply replacing the daily biscuits with a snack listed below the little change will make a big difference in the long run. You will eventually find that you are less sugar-reliant and feel more satisfied with the food you eat. So what are we waiting for?!  


  • Smoky paprika hummus (serve with crackers/crudities) Click for recipe
  • Few slices of grilled halloumi (slice 2cm thick and place in a frying pan)
  • Deli ham wrapped around a cube of cheese or cucumber
  • Salt and vinegar cashews Click for recipe
  • Crackers with full fat cream cheese and cherry tomatoes
  • Carrot crisps Recipe to follow
  • BBQ popcorn Click for recipe
  • Feta and sweet potato muffins Recipe to follow
  • Guacamole with tortilla chips Recipe to follow
  • Peanut butter on wholemeal toast
  • Olives and feta cheese
  • Cheesy baked pretzels Recipe to follow


  • Full fat yoghurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon, nuts and berries
  • Citrus popcorn Recipe to follow
  • Orange spiced macadamias Click for recipe
  • Brazil nut ‘white chocolate’ Click for recipe
  • Frozen yoghurt coated berries Recipe to follow
  • 5-minute chocolate mug cake Click for recipe
  • Coconut and kiwi lollies Recipe to follow
  • Nutty truffles Click for recipe
  • Chocolate orange hot chocolate Recipe to follow
  • Coco-crazy cereal bar Recipe to follow
  • No-bake oatmeal cookies Recipe to follow
  • Raspberry muffins Recipe to follow

Happy snacking everyone, and as ever please feel free to reach out with questions!


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